Red Agate

Red in agate is usually caused by iron oxides. The dinosaur bone is a replacement by agate, colored, in part, by iron oxides in the agate material. Fire agate is even more directly affected by iron, as it causes all the iridescent colors.

Red & black dinosaur bone ring stock 6

Fire Agate FLickr Big Red

One of the most popular agates for collectors is Lake Superior agate, which is usually red with clear, white, brown, and/or black banding. Sometime it’s gray, and other colors and patterns occur.

DSCF8910copy  Lake Superior Agates

Header Photo: Drusy cabochons from Brazilian Agate

Top Left Photo: Dinosaur Agatised Bone see link below

Middle Photo: Fire Agate see link below

Bottom: Lake Superior Banded Agate photo by Clara Darlene Reger

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