Rocks, Minerals, Gems, and Fossils (Sold)

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First picture
Top row, L to R:
1 Small dark purple Amethyst Cluster, Brazil
2 Blue Drusy on Blue Lace Agate, South Africa
3 Azurite, China
4 Malachite, Africa
5 Light Amethyst Cactus Quartz, Brazil (This big guy was in some jewelry size pieces I bought – Waaaay to heavy for that!)

Bottom row:
Cobaltoan Calcite (Pepto pink) , South Africa
Ammonite pair polished, Madagascar
Citrine Quartz cluster, likely irradiated for color change from amethyst, from Brazil

Second Picture – Quartz Crystal Cluster, Arkansas
Almost impossible to get a quick “snapshot,” challenging to photograph, tabby quartz and complex crystal form cluster from Arkansas,. Has separation breaks on one end (from vug wall) and hidden break on other end, but dominant crystal on that end, ends in many pyramid points on one termination. Also, this cluster has at least 3 showy sides, no top or bottom to it when lying on it’s side. Many different termination types, very complex and beautiful.

6 Cobaltoan Calcite, Azurite, Blue Quartz

7 Azurite, Blue Quartz, Malachite

8 Quart Crystal Cluster in front, Amethyst Cactus Quartz in back

9 Some of the group in different order

Selection: (My assistant and battery for size comparison)
Left: 10 Orthoceras Fossil polished specimen or jewelry ready, yes, the sword is in the stone. Madagascar
Top Center: 11 Montana Agate – banded and spotted. Thick hefty, nicely polished specimen much prettier than this picture. Jewelry or display.
Bottom Center: 12 Polished Brown Dinosaur Bone
Right: 13 Polished Turratella Agate, not showing in photo – has a nice, sparkly, drusy crystal pocket in one shell cavity.

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