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About Me

Hi! I’ve been a “rockhound” all my life and love collecting agates and beautiful stones. I like designing jewelry and cutting agates, jaspers, and colorful gems.

My name is Darlene Reger (I’ve always been known by my middle name) and I live in rural Missouri not far from the Iowa line. I have lived in Nashville, Tennessee and could happily live in the Southwest US somewhere full or part time.

The Site

Look for pictures of stunning rocks and gems to be added at least weekly. Let me know the kinds of information and pictures you would like to see here. I want this site to be so fascinating that you won’t want to miss anything, so visit often or subscribe and I’ll work hard to give you great photos, howto’s, and info. Aren’t pretty rocks great?

Why I’m Off My Duff and Doing This Now

I am a cancer survivor and living within limited resources, so I’ll be looking for ways to monitize my websites, and your suggestions about what products and information I should offer is welcome. Don’t worry though, no hard sell, because the site’s popularity comes first. You don’t have to buy anything. (I just hope to find and offer things for you that are irresistable.) You are always welcome to just look, learn, and be entertained.

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